Youth Pastors: James and Malori Walsh

At Hope Worship Center, we strive to help teens and young adults feel as comfortable as possible. As a leader not many years out of the youth group myself, I know that God has blessed me with the opportunity to minister to these teens. It is my duty to provide time, love, patience and guidance for young people to deal with every day situations.

We want them to know just how much God loves them by showing his love and teaching about him in an educational and entertaining manner.

We also strive to expand beyond the four walls of the church building by working hard to reach others and bring them to know the Lord. Our ultimate goal is that all the teens of Hope Worship Center be an example outside of the church and shine God's light in this lost world.

But not every event has to be a Bible study... as Christians, we love to just hang out and have some fun. We have game nights, play Pool, Darts, Xbox, Wii and more. We also make sure to have plenty of pizza!

Hope to see you soon!

Brother James Walsh


Youth Group at Hope Worship Center - free events in Ashland City for teenagers.

When are the services? 

The Youth Group is offered for teens age thirteen to eighteen.   The Youth Group meets on Wednesday and Sunday nights every week.  

A variety of activities and events are offered for the youth group frequently.  Check out our events calendar for more frequent information about events.  

What if my child is younger than thirteen?

COOL Avenue Children's Church is available on Sunday mornings for ages five to twelve. 

In addition, The nursery is available for children ages four and under.  

What if my child is younger than thirteen?

When you arrive, you will be met by a member of our First Impressions Team. If it is your first time, they will show you around and if needed, to the nursery area or to the Children’s Church area. 

Do you have events regularly?

We have many events for different age groups.  Many of our events are free and we also host events and fundraisers to support the community. Upcoming events can be seen on our Services & Events page or on our Facebook page.